ukraine's borsch

National dish:


A vibrant red-coloured soup made with beef, beetroot and cabbage. Typically served with chopped dill and sour cream. This soup can be served hot or cold.

TIP: The soup can easily be made vegetarian or vegan, just omit the beef and swap beef stock for vegetable stock! For a vegan soup, also omit the sour cream garnish.

A brief history…

About Ukraine’s national dish

Borsch is an important part of Ukrainian, Russian and Polish cuisine. Ukraine has been cited as the country of origin for this dish. It is a very versatile soup, which is why it is popular. It can be made cheaply or more expensively depending on the added ingredients. It can also be served warm or cold. In the winter it can be comforting and warming, while in the summer it can be refreshing and cooling. It can also be made in large batches to feed many or for a single family.

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