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dutch stamppot

National dish:


Roughly mashed potatoes with your choice of vegetables (or fruits). Usually served with grilled or roasted sausage, meatballs or bacon bits.

There is no rule about what you put in your stamppot, many people use what they have or what they like. However, there are some common variations of this dish. Zuurkol stamppot is mashed potatoes with sauerkraut. Hotspot is mashed potatoes with carrots and onion. Andijviestamppot is mashed potatoes with escarole endive, common in the Netherlands. Some other options of what to put in your stamppot include kale, cabbage, celery, parsnip and celeriac. Some less-traditional options include apple or chopped walnuts.

TIP: To make this dish vegetarian, serve with a fried egg or veggie sausage. Alternatively, to make this dish vegan, serve with grilled vegan sausage, tofu or tempeh.

A brief history…

About the Dutch national dish

Historically, stamppot was made during harvest months when vegetables were in abundance. It is a relatively cheap dish made with common ingredients. It is warming, comforting and filling. The first stamppot’s did not include potatoes, as potatoes were only introduced to the Netherlands in the mid-eighteenth century. Instead, they were a mix of grains and vegetables.

Stamppot as we know it was introduced when the Prince of Orange and the Geuze fleet drove out the Spanish occupiers from the city of Leiden in the Netherlands. The Spanish troops left behind a dish of mashed carrots, onions and parsnips. This dish became popular with the people and eventually turned into today’s stamppot.

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