spanish paella

National dish:


A rice dish with seafood and/or meats, often including green beans or peas.

A brief history…

About Spain’s national dish

Paella is said to be a blend of the the food culture from the Romans and the Arabs. These two cultures heavily influenced Spain. It is said that paella originated from large royal banquets when servants could take home a mixture of the leftovers. The mixed rice was reheated over a large fire and could feed many.

However, paella as we known it is Valencian, originating from the 1800’s. The original dish was made of white rice, green beans, rabbit, chicken, white beans, snails and seasonings such as saffron and rosemary. This dish is now called Paella Valenciana. The most popular paella is Paella de Marisco, or seafood paella. However, the dish can be made with all kinds of fish, seafood and/or meats.

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