serbian pljeskavica

National dish:


Grilled spiced minced meat. The meat is a mixture of minced pork, beef and lamb. Minced veal is also sometimes used. Pljeskavica can be served with potatoes, fries or in a bun called lepinja.

A brief history…

About Serbia’s national dish

There is very little information about the history of pljeskavica. What is known is that it is an extremely popular dish originating in the Balkans. Many Serbians have their favourite pljeskavica kiosk. It has become a popular on-the-go dish or street food.

Some variations of pljeskavica are the Leskovačka pljeskavica (spicy with onions) and the Šarska pljeskavica (stuffed with kačkavalj cheese). Pljeskavica is often served with two sauces, ajvar, a red pepper sauce and kajmak, a sauce made of soft spreadable cheese. Garlic sauces like urnebes are also popular. However, many puritans believe it should only be served with cabbage salad and kajmak.

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