polish bigos

National dish:


A stew made of different meats (ham, pork shoulder, bacon, beef, chicken, duck, goose and/or kiełbasa), sauerkraut and shredded fresh white cabbage. The meats in bigos can differ depending on availability.

TIP: You can easily make this dish vegan or vegetarian, just omit the meat!

A brief history…

About Poland’s national dish

The origin of this dish is unknown, however it most likely has a long history of feeding the masses because it can easily be cooked over an open fire in a large cauldron. There are many varieties of this dish and most of them depend on the region of Poland, for example some regions add tomato paste, red cabbage or dumplings. Bigos is also popular in Poland’s neighbouring countries, Belarus and Lithuania.

The dish is meant to clean out leftovers from other meat dishes. It is essential to include a variety of different meats to get a bigger flavour profile in this dish. Generally the more meats you add, the tastier the dish. Therefore there is no exact recipe, people use what they have at hand.

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