Bosnia and Herzegovina

bosnian cevapi

National dish:

Ćevapčići or ćevapi

Grilled minced beef, lamb and/or pork in the shape of a sausage. A type of skinless grilled sausage that is very popular in the Balkans. Ćevapi is often served with diced onions and ajvar, a red pepper, garlic and aubergine sauce. It usually served in a lepinja, a type of flatbread common in Bosnia and Serbia. Ćevapčići is the long, formal form of the word, while ćevapi is the shortened, less-formal version.

A brief history…

About Bosnia and Herzegovina’s national dish

Ćevapi originated when the Ottomans controlled the Balkans. It is speculated that ćevapi originated as early as the late 1300’s. A group of Ottomans, the Hajduk, who were rebels and outlaws, often cooked hajduk ćevap over open fires. It was a easily prepared dish made of the available meats. This dish later developed into modern ćevapi. Nowadays, ćevapi are served all over the Balkans in shops called ćevabdžinice or at home. They are popular in food markets, food stalls and especially after a night out drinking.

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