belgian moules frites

National dish:


Steamed mussels and fries. There are many variations of this dish. Moules marinière are steamed with white wine, shallots, parsley and butter. These are the most popular type. Moules natures are steamed with celery, leeks and butter. Moules à la crème are thickened with flour and cream. Moules parquées are raw mussels served with a lemon-mustard sauce. Moules à la bière are steamed with beer instead of white wine. And finally, mules à l’ail are steamed with sliced or minced garlic.

A brief history…

About Belgium’s national dish

Moules-frites originated on the Flemish coast. It was a popular and cheap dish that could be enjoyed by everyone. Mussels were in abundance, easy to cook and cheap. To give sustenance to the meal, Belgians added fries. Fries were commonly eaten around the winter time because they were filling and they were available when fish was not. Belgians claim the birthplace of fries. However, so do many other countries. The exact origin is unknown.

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